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New Software Makes List Building a Breeze


List building is known in digital marketing circles as the holy grail.

If you go to any event, invest in any course, the rule of the land is “Build a List”.

That means build an email marketing list.

Here’s the basic idea behind it.

For starters, you create what’s known as a lead magnet.

This is something you dangle in front of your prospects in an effort to get them to sign up for the freebie item.

Similar to back in the days of real estate informercials offering  a free seminar.

These though are all done online with no need or want to appear live in person.

New Software Takes Over

That’s where this new software comes into play.

For starters, it’s extremely powerful, flexible but super personalized.

The software is called Convertbox and the marketers that have tested it are giving it glowing reviews.

Derek Pierce, of ThinkTankLab.com, believes this could be the next software that’s the must have.

“Literally, it was the simplest thing I’d done to start creating high quality optin forms that don’t look like everyone else’s.

After I bought it, I had it installed in less than 10 minutes and I’m getting a higher conversions.”

Conversions are simply a buzz word that many use to explain the number of people that signup for the free item compared to those that are just visitors.

A Convertbox Review that doesn’t suck.

As most digital marketers will review any product and stick a positive rating just to make sales, Derek Pierce and the gang at ThinkTanklab are different.

Derek states “We want our reviews to be original, serve a purpose, and also educate the market on which tools we use.”

In addition to being cool and easy to use, Convertbox has a unique advantage from any other optin tool out there.

It allows you to have customized messages and workflows based on where your customer is at in the sales process.

Given that it’s super easy to setup, it’s got a very sophisticated background and framework that has some complex interworks that make this product a must have.

Plus, they have additional features like cart abandonment, discount coupons along with the ability to promote webinars.

For a limited time, they have a launch price that’s a one investment that will be going away shortly.

As a part of this special launch, they’ll include special pricing options, bonuses and more.

For all the details, demo, and review of the product, then please visit the following link- https://thinktanklab.com/convertbox/



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