As a real estate investor, you’ll need to connect with other real estate investors. Seems counterintuitive, right? Why would you want to team up with your competitor?

Maybe to keep your friends close and your foes closer? But that’s not true!

Why Should You Connect With Other Investors?

If you are a newbie in real estate no matter the area- another successful investor will offer an invaluable resource. These people have seen and done a lot which you can tap into.

Not only will they offer education but also referrals to your business. These experts will point you to resources you’d have taken years to get on your own. With this, you’ll be able to save on time and engage in other productive activities.

An experienced investor will act as your role model and mentor. Many investors in the industry started under the wings of those before them. It makes many look for real estate investors as a backend to sell their deals to or even partner with. Even better, you can do the clubbing online.

These are some reasons why you should connect with real estate investors.

1. Most Real Estate Investors are Competent Deal Makers

Hardly any real estate agent buys all the deals they come across. If you’re in their network, you can take some of the deals that they don’t want. Also, you can sell the contracts you have and which you don’t want.

With this, you can arrange a “scratch my back, and I scratch yours” agreement.

2. Great Connections

Investing in estate is a team sport. It may not seem like the case, but that’s the way it is. No one engages in real estate investing alone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a commercial property investor, a single family landlord or a fix and flipper, you’ll need other people to succeed.

For instance, you’ll need contractors, attorneys, and property managers. Since your fellow investors are well connected, they may be able to recommend the best ones in the industry.

3. You can Become Partners

Someone once said great deals are created, not located. This is true when buying a property or investing in real estate.

Getting the best partner on the right deal can help your business grow faster and significantly.

4. How Do You Connect With Investors in Your Area

You’ve seen the benefits of connecting with real estate investors in your area. But how do you connect with them?

In the past, connections used to be a face to face affair. But not anymore! Today, effective networking is happening both live and online.

Here are some fresh ways to get real estate investors in your area of operation.

Connected Investors Groups offers different ways to connect with real estate investors wherever you choose. Unlike other social media platforms, this brings like-minded people that invest in the same industry-real estate.

Connected investors are among the most simple and more straightforward way to connect to another investor.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Find investors
  • Create or join real estate groups

The beauty of this social platform is the ability to connect you to online resources. For instance, if you have a deal and you want to notify your local investors, upload it quickly to investment property marketplace. The agreement gets blasted to different investors in your locality. It’s easy, quick, painless and effective.

Being at the right place and time can put you in contact with other investors. Real estate auctions are one of the best places to meet like-minded investors. It may also create an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself.

How do You Join Real Estate Investment Clubs

There’s a lot of advice on real estate investing and how to join investors club. But perhaps the most repeated advice is, join the local REIA. Be sure to consult your directory in checking the best REIA group in your locality.

Here, you can find real estate investors who engage in a variety of activities. Such include flippers, landlords, wholesalers, and money and property brokers among others. Some investment clubs will have subgroups that target new investors, flipper, and landlords among others.

The membership rates are likely to differ from one group to the other.


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