Internet marketing technically began over 15 years ago, which still makes it a very young business model. There aren’t any college degrees available for it yet.

However, it is a very important part of any internet startup, business, or product promotion. I am not saying you can’t find any information about it, though (quite the opposite, actually).

There is loads of information available online and there are also books written about this variety of marketing and many hope to strike it rich on the internet. 

The idea may be to just start selling your own product, create a social media presence

First of all, where do we start?

As with every topic on the internet, when you research it you have to filter the information that you receive.  Also with updates changing so rapidly, it’s common to look at something that may already be old news.

Just like today, with the news of Facebook with the potential to Cambridge Analytica, shares have fallen.

And as a result, these constant changes will have an impact on Facebook advertisers and and even the most prolific ad agency will remain challenged as the information flows faster than many can implement.

If you’re just beginning, I’d recommend you to focus your efforts in these 7 areas for the biggest impact of your business.


This is a very popular topic these days, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding out quality resources. All the information is usually divided into categories (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and everyone should find something interesting about SEO, regardless of your skills in it.

SEO is projected to become a $80 billion industry by the year 2020.


Pay-per-click started as text link ads in the search results and has evolved into social and video ads and more. If you are not familiar with Facebook Ads and their list of retargeting options, you should first study that.

Then graduate into more complex paid traffic campaigns with Youtube and Adwords.


Ah, yes.

All these numbers: bounce rate, traffic, engagement, conversion rates, etc. You should monitor all of these as well as your core KPI’s to track your lead cost, cost per sale, and lifetime value of your clients.

This is critical to your business.


Not really much to say.

Emails seem to remain just as popular as they were 5 or so years ago, but we’re seeing a huge increase and uptick in messenger bots. 

The open rates on messenger bots are blowing away email open rates.

So, if you’re not using messenger bots, now is the time to begin.


The big idea here is coming up with an exceptional headline to generate traffic through click-throughs without being too clickbaity.

Evoking enough interest to get attention so the user wants to learn more.

Social media

The main idea behind social media is to, of course, connect you with people that share your interests.

There are so many of these sites nowadays that it becomes harder and harder to keep track of all of them as we said before.

But begin targeting the big 3

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Finally, we come to content marketing

This is a concept that has been around forever. Yet, it was inexplicably labeled with this new buzzword.

The meaning behind it is bringing value and utility to your readers builds your brand awareness and to build trust first in the marketplace.

To conclude, I would like to add that these are just the basic concepts you need to grasp in order to get an idea of what internet marketing is really all about. Mastering all of these things can take time, so begin by mastering a single traffic source and a then graduate to different sources of traffic.


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